10 Ways to Eat Healthy No Matter How Busy You Are

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on June 24, 2018
10 ways to eat healthy no matter how busy you are #healthy #food #life #busy #lifehacks

People these days are busy most of the time. Whether you’re working long hours, bringing up kids or caring for an elderly relative, it’s normal not to have much extra time on your hands. This can make it tricky to eat healthily, so it’s no wonder that many people struggle to maintain a healthy diet. However, lack of time doesn’t have to equal lack of health; there are lots of small things you can do to improve your diet even when in a rush.

If you’re interested in making a change, it’s worth knowing your stats before starting. For example, Body Mass Index (BMI) is one way to monitor progress and check what a healthy weight range might be for you. If you want more information on what is a healthy BMI click here. Now read on for helpful tips and tricks to improve your diet on-the-go!



1. Plan in advance 

If you have very little time, it’s tempting to grab the nearest thing to hand, which is often not that nutritional. Instead, take a few minutes at the start of each week to plan your meals and make sure you have healthy food in the house. This will save you lots of time by cutting out stressful decisions at dinner!


2. Integrate fruit and veg into every meal

The importance of fruit and vegetables, especially vegetables, to a healthy diet can’t be stressed enough. These wonder foods have all sorts of vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy, as well as all-important fibre to keep you full. When you’re planning meals make sure to include at least two different fruit or veg and aim for at least five a day.


3. Keep healthy snacks with you at all times

Snacking can be the downfall of even the most healthy-savvy person. If your blood sugar crashes mid-afternoon it’s easy to be tempted by sugary cakes or fatty crisps. Instead keep raw nuts nearby, these are packed full of protein and other helpful nutrients.


4. Opt for wholesome convenience items

When you don’t have much time it’s understandable if you rely on convenience food. Luckily, not all pre-prepared stuff is unhealthy these days. Choose pre-cooked wholegrains like lentils and brown rice, frozen vegetables and tinned lean protein like tuna.


5. Take a look at the vegetarian menu when eating out

If you have a busy life and you are eating out a lot, it can be easy for your diet to suffer. You don’t need to stop dining in restaurants to be healthier, one good trick is to look at the vegetarian options! These tend to include more veggies and less saturated fat.


6. Always add some protein to your meals

Always make sure to include protein at every meal. Experts believe eating protein can help keep you fuller for longer, meaning you’re less likely to snack.


7. Enjoy healthy wholegrains

Wholegrains are another important part of a healthy diet, but you don’t need to spend ages over the stove cooking obscure grains to get them. Simply opt for whole-grain versions of your normal foods like bread and rice.


8. Balance your food groups

If you’re getting lunch on the go, a good way to assess whether it’s a healthy option is to consider the food groups you’ll be consuming. Every meal should have at least some element of fruit/veg + protein + carbohydrates.


9. Avoid too much sugar

Many of us love a sugary snack, but too much sugar can be bad for the body’s long-term health. Satisfy your cravings with natural sugar sources such as fruits or dried fruits. Keep them on you at all times to save looking for them in a rush.


10. Look for easy fat swaps

Long-term heart health can benefit from a diet that swaps saturated for unsaturated fats. Try swapping out butter for avocado, or steak for salmon. This doesn’t take any extra time and can bring significant health benefits!



Those are our top ten tips when it comes to eating healthy no matter how busy you are. Remember small changes can make a big difference, so try doing some of these things today and see what impact it will have!





This is a guest post written by Claudia Gimeno in collaboration with ProActiv. I did not receive any sponsorship of any form and am not affiliated with the brand in any way. 


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