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15 Therapeutic things you can do for free when you feel overwhelmed

Posted in Mental Health, Self Care
on July 30, 2017

Sometimes we need something a little therapeutic to help switch off. It’s hard to get the head space we need to process things sometimes.

Especially at work, a lot of people feel overwhelmed and in need of a therapeutic release. They’re trying to deal with one thing but their phone is ringing, and they’re getting urgent emails, and they just can’t.

There are lots of arguments against multi-tasking. In a lot of work environments and in every day life, it seems to be the expectation.

As an anxious person, I find it really hard to switch off sometimes. There are things I do to give myself the chance to take a break, find perspective, and solve a problem.

I wanted to share a few of these little self-care therapeutic things today. I hope that you’ll find them useful, too.

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How to spend a week in Tenerife

Posted in Europe, Travel, Travel Guides
on July 23, 2017
Tenerife beach holiday. Things to do in Los Cristianos

Travel & Accommodation

We flew into South Tenerife with Ryanair. I wasn’t too impressed with the 6am flight time, but I got round it by falling asleep at 10pm the previous night fully clothed, allowing me precious minutes of extra sleep in the morning.

I’ve mentioned before, but I don’t exactly love flying. Thankfully, Ryanair let us sit together because half the seats were empty. Continue reading

6 Thoughtful things to show your partner you care

Posted in Relationships
on July 16, 2017
Thoughtful things you can do for your partner to show them you care #relationships

A quick story…

Ridiculously, but not surprisingly to those who know me, this post was inspired by hangover pizza.

After an ill-advised night of double vodkas, I woke up feeling horrendous. I point blank refused the Jagerbomb I was offered, because even drunk me knew that was the worst idea.

Rewind some six hours earlier and I’m sitting outside a takeaway waiting for B. He’s getting pizza and chips so we can go home and I can just be horizontal until everything stops spinning.

I’m far too pissed to stomach melted cheese and garlic dip, so I don’t do what I normally do which is eat half of it in the taxi queue.

I feebly attempted to remove my makeup with a face wipe which I later found under my pillow. Not sure what’s happened to my strict rule on always cleansing before bed regardless of intoxication.

I recall trying to stay awake to say goodnight and have a little snuggle, but I don’t. I’m not even conscious long enough to hear him come upstairs and get into bed. Continue reading