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August 2017

4 Days in Milan and Lake Como

Posted in Europe, Travel
on August 31, 2017
Milan Travel Guide & Lake Como day trip. Where to eat, drink, shop and go sightseeing!


Flights & Accommodation

An EasyJet flight to Milan Malpensa airport, then a taxi from there to our hotel. The taxi cost around €25 each and took around 45 minutes. We wouldn’t normally like to pay that much, but it was really late when we landed and we had no idea!

We stayed at the IH Hotel Milano Gioia, which was basic, clean, and really cheap. In a nearby supermarket, we found Peroni for like €0.50 a litre. The downside was that it was an hour walk away from the central sightseeing stuff.

We ended up using the Metro which cost €4.50 return and took us to the centre in about 10 minutes.

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Dairy Free Diary Part 3: What Happened to My Skin?

Posted in Health
on August 27, 2017

In part 1 of this series (read here), I told you I was reducing my dairy intake because I was hoping it would help clear up my skin. In part 2 (read here), I talked about some of the things I ate during the two weeks, and how I kind of struggled for ideas, and I wasn’t happy that I was getting the right nutrition for me.

Now for the crucial bit – the results! Was there any benefit to me giving up my beloved cheese for two weeks?

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Dairy Free Diary Part 2: Dairy Free Meals

Posted in Health
on August 24, 2017

See part 1 of my dairy free diary here.


So, part 2. This is where I tell you what I’ve been eating during my ‘dairy intake reduction’ attempt.

Pretty much all of my favourite meals include some kind of dairy. I love to eat granola and yoghurt for breakfast; a comforting bowl of cheesy pasta for lunch; and is there anything better than buttery mash?

I’m very realistic when it comes to my diet, and I know that any kind of ‘cutting out’ diet doesn’t work long term, so I knew that as soon as I took this kind of food that I love off the table, I’d want it more.

So, I needed ideas of comforting, satisfying and healthy food that didn’t include dairy. Normally, in such situations, I would turn to Pinterest. Which I did, but I couldn’t find an awful lot I fancied. So I’ve had to use my actual imagination, like in old times.


I ended up eating things like this every day:

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