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January 2018

Is embarrassment the only reason to avoid your smear test?

Posted in Feminism
on January 28, 2018
#Smearforsmear cervical cancer prevention week

Embarrassed to go for a smear test

1 in 4 women don’t make an appointment for cervical screening when invited.

According to a survey by Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, 27% of those surveyed who had delayed or not attended their smear test cited embarrassment as the reason.


And that is completely understandable.

It’s also pretty much the common theme in reporting on why women don’t attend. Some of the reporting can come across a bit “silly women for being embarrassed, go and get your smear test”. 

I’ve even read articles that suggest women just ‘get over it’ and make an appointment.

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Hand luggage for long-haul flights

Posted in Travel, Travel Tips
on January 21, 2018
Hand luggage for long haul flights what to pack

On a long-haul flight, hand luggage is really important. Before I flew, I did a lot of research on what people take in their hand luggage, because I’d never been on such a long flight before, and I wanted to be comfortable and avoid being grumpy about needing something and not having it (mainly food!)

I also asked on Twitter for advice, so thank you to the lovely people who replied. I have to say, I think my bag was fairly comprehensive for everything I needed on the flight. So, I thought I’d share with you what I packed:

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Grilled vegetable and Halloumi wrap with Chipotle Lime

Posted in Personal
on January 14, 2018
Grilled vegetable and halloumi wrap

Grilled halloumi and vegetable wrap


There was hardly anything in the fridge so I completely surprised myself by clobbering together this grilled vegetable and halloumi wrap.

I used my George Foreman grill, because I wouldn’t like to scrape cheese off a tray if I cooked it in the oven, and because I like the grill marks.


Really want a griddle pan at some point in my life.


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