Posted on May 8, 2017

Well hello!


Welcome to The North Left, I’m so happy you’re here! If you’re looking to find out more about me, hopefully this page will have the answers. If not, be sure to contact me for a chat.


What is The North Left about?

I’m a bit of an ‘everything’ blogger from the north of England; I write travel guides, product reviews, recipes, advice pieces, and the odd personal ramble. I also offer freelance content writing, which you can email me about if you’re interested *wink*.

I really get my geek on writing about health – especially things like nutrition, mental health, and all the crazy things our amazing bodies can do. For me, health as a holistic thing which includes both mental and physical aspects, and leading a healthy life is so important for my overall happiness. A lot of my content is based on my love of sharing my interest, passion and knowledge of various health-related topics.


Other than that, I write about anything I’m interested in, or anything I love. I’m equally likely to write a post on discovering my privilege as a white woman as I am about a review of a crazy skincare gadget.



A little more about me…

I’m a quintessential introvert and I value creativity, empathy, and deep conversation over small talk. My favourite things include; 90’s throwbacks, a good gym sesh, ballet, ridiculously luxurious hotel rooms, eclectic style, and surprising people with my musical taste.

On a daily basis, I’m powered by green tea and pasta. If you’re not a fan of sarcasm, I apologise, but I don’t know any other way to speak.

You will often find me cheerleading and supporting other bloggers and small businesses – buying their stuff, sharing their links, and gushing about what they’ve created.

I have very big dreams, and I’m in that wanting to ‘have it all’ group of people. I believe it’s possible, too, just maybe not all at once.


Most of all, I love a good chat, so please do come and say hello. You can use my contact page to email me, or come and find me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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