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How to stop procrastinating and reach your goals

Posted in Lifestyle, Self Care
on March 18, 2018
How to stop procrastinating


There are a ton of reasons we procrastinate. Probs quite ironic that I’ve sat with just that first sentence written for about 10 minutes, just appreciating the scone display in the café I’m working in.


We procrastinate because we’re stressed, we just don’t want to do something, or because we see the task as something negative. Or, the biggie for me, fear of failure. Continue reading

I quit my job with nothing else to do

Posted in Career
on March 4, 2018
I quit my job

So, I quit my job. It is both the most and the least adult thing I have done for a long time.


You may have already worked this out if you follow me on Twitter/Instagram, and you might be aware that I’m currently trotting about the ol’ globe like a recent graduate. Or, if you happen to snoop on mine & Claudia’s conversations, ‘cause she’s the only person I’ve told in actual words. On Twitter, ofc.


You may have seen some of the travel snaps on Insta and thought “ay up, she’s got some cushy job that allows her to travel” or maybe “she must have some holiday allowance”.

Ha, nope, unemployed life.

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Mother’s Day Etsy gift guide

Posted in Gift Guides
on February 11, 2018
Mother's Day Etsy Gift ideas

Mother’s Day (coming up on Sunday 11th March in the UK) is all about showing your mum how much she means to you, and how much she’s appreciated. It’s great to get a little bit creative with your present, and show that you’ve put a lot of thought into it.


But, what if, like me, you’re not a very crafty or creative person?


Etsy, of course! Buying stuff from Etsy allows me to say “here, I have a handmade gift for you”

didn’t make it, BUT STILL……


I’ve selected 14 items from across Etsy that I would love to get for my mam. I hope this list inspires you, too. It’s a good idea to get shopping early, especially for personalised items, to make sure it gets to you in time.

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