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I quit my job with nothing else to do

Posted in Personal
on March 4, 2018
I quit my job

So, I quit my job. It is both the most and the least adult thing I have done for a long time.


You may have already worked this out if you follow me on Twitter/Instagram, and you might be aware that I’m currently trotting about the ol’ globe like a recent graduate. Or, if you happen to snoop on mine & Claudia’s conversations, ‘cause she’s the only person I’ve told in actual words. On Twitter, ofc.


You may have seen some of the travel snaps on Insta and thought “ay up, she’s got some cushy job that allows her to travel” or maybe “she must have some holiday allowance”.

Ha, nope, unemployed life.

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Alcohol, peer pressure, and being imperfect

Posted in Personal
on January 7, 2018
Alcohol, peer pressure & being imperfect

I can’t seem to say ‘no’ to alcohol without fear of negative response. I’m a little worried about myself.

I guess it’s come up because Christmas and New Year are generally times where we, in the UK, drink an awful lot. There are parties and celebrations and lots of “go on, since it’s Christmas”.


I don’t drink a lot. Honestly, if someone told me today that I could never have alcohol again, it wouldn’t even register. I wouldn’t care.


I don’t mind the odd glass of wine with a meal, and I’ll happily go to the pub for a few hours and have a G&T. I have had a lot of fun being drunk.

But, right now, I’m not enjoying the hours and hours of drinking.

I don’t find it fun, and I don’t like the effect it has on my body so, really, I don’t want to do it anymore.

However, putting that into practice is a different matter.


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Christmas traditions: 21 inspiring ideas to try

Posted in Personal
on December 24, 2017
Christmas traditions: 21 inspiring ideas from around the world

Even though, so far, I haven’t been totally full of festive cheer, I do love Christmas. I’m really grateful to have happy childhood Christmas memories, too.


Now that I’m an adult, it’s time for me to start my own traditions and create memories in my own way, which is really exciting!


For a bit of inspiration and festivity, I wanted to share some traditions I’m thinking about starting.


I also asked about this on Twitter, and some of my lovely followers kindly shared their traditions, so I’ll absolutely be taking some inspiration from them, too.


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