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Hand luggage for long-haul flights

Posted in Travel, Travel Tips
on January 21, 2018
Hand luggage for long haul flights what to pack

On a long-haul flight, hand luggage is really important. Before I flew, I did a lot of research on what people take in their hand luggage, because I’d never been on such a long flight before, and I wanted to be comfortable and avoid being grumpy about needing something and not having it (mainly food!)

I also asked on Twitter for advice, so thank you to the lovely people who replied. I have to say, I think my bag was fairly comprehensive for everything I needed on the flight. So, I thought I’d share with you what I packed:

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Hand Luggage Only Holiday Makeup

Posted in Travel, Travel Tips
on August 13, 2017
Makeup to take in hand luggage


Makeup to take in hand luggage


I thought this might be a useful one for people who struggle to pack light.

When I recently went to Tenerife, we decided to only take hand luggage. I find airports really exhausting, so the thought of not having to wait for hold luggage was appealing. However, I’m useless at packing and I’m so indecisive about what to take.

Clothes are bad enough, but I really struggle with the liquid allowance for hand luggage because somehow I’m supposed to fit makeup, and like 300 other cosmetics, in a little zip up bag that has to close completely.

My attitude this time was that it was a really chilled beach holiday, and we were just going to relax. There were no plans to go sightseeing or any fussy nights out.

So I decided to take minimal makeup, not to wear any during the day, and to take stuff that I could mix and match. Here’s what I packed: Continue reading