January goal review: less phone usage

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on February 1, 2019
January goal review: less phone usage

Over already, January? In previous years January seems to d-r-a-g unbelievably but it’s been quite different for me this year.

Possibly because I kind of skipped Christmas and New Year, so I don’t have the huge comedown from all of that.

You may have seen my post earlier this month on my little challenges for the year. If you haven’t give it a quick skim by clicking here.

My goal for January was: No phone before bed or first thing in the morning

How did it go? Mostly pretty well, actually! I found it surprisingly easy to let my phone go before I went to bed. It was slightly more challenging to avoid looking at it when I woke up, because I like to know what time it is but, going forward, there are other time-telling options, right? I find mornings so much easier now. I used to feel like I couldn’t wake up properly until I’d scrolled for a bit but now I’m getting out of bed pretty much as soon as I’m awake and just starting the day. So much better!

Admittedly, there have been 2 times this month where I have looked at my phone just before bed – I had a friend in a bit of a crisis so needed to chat to her. But, other than that, I’m pleased with how it’s gone. I feel less tired, more productive, and like I’ve reclaimed a bit of time (maybe I used to spend 45 minutes every morning just scrolling….)

How did I do it? To begin with, I set an alarm for 9:30 every night to remind me to put my phone away. After a while, I just got into the habit of not looking at it for most of the evening anyway. Having it out of sight definitely helped, if anyone is thinking of doing something similar. I suspect we just pick up our phones because they’re there half the time.

Because I woke up to find my phone was tucked away in a drawer instead of within arm’s reach of my bed, it reminded me that I wasn’t supposed to be looking at it.

My goal for February is: Kind of standard, I know, but my aim is to make sure I get enough water every day. Enough water would be around 2 litres. I don’t care to work it out per thousand calories I eat, because I don’t care to know how many calories I eat…

Why? I’ve just come from New Zealand back to England, so from summer to winter. It’s incredibly easy to stay hydrated in summer because I’m always thinking about how thirsty I am and how much I don’t want to get heat exhaustion! But, in winter, all I want are cups of tea and hot Vimto (is this just a Northern thing?) which I don’t count towards my daily hydration. I’m finding I don’t much fancy plain old water. Mainly because it’s so cold! As a result, I’m getting a bit on the dehydrated side.

How do I plan to do it? I’m going to try drinking lukewarm water instead of the shockingly ice cold stuff that comes from the tap this time of year! Not a complaint, btw, I’m very grateful for having drinkable water around.

2 litres is around 6-8 of the drinking glasses I have. I usually down a glass when I wake up, so that leaves 5-7 more. My little trick is to always have a glass on the go. Whenever I finish one, go and fill it up again and take a big sip right there at the sink.

I could use the marked bottle trick but I don’t really want to drink out of a bottle when I’m at home.

How are your resolutions or goals going, if you have any? How do you think you’d do with cutting out your phone before and after bed? Any tips for drinking more water? Let me know in the comments section below!

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