6 Thoughtful things to show your partner you care

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on July 16, 2017
Thoughtful things you can do for your partner to show them you care #relationships

Hangover pizza. 

A few weeks’ ago, I forgot that I’m not 18 any more and I went out with my boyfriend and drank double vodkas.

Double vodkas!

You know how everyone has at least one drink that is just not safe? Vodka is that drink for me.

I digress.


Of course, I wake up feeling like I’m on a Ferris Wheel despite lying perfectly still in bed with my foot on the floor to ‘ground’ me.

To beat a hangover, I routinely require 5 gallons of water and a constant supply of stodgy carbohydrates. On this particular morning, the first thing I did was check Snapchat stories to establish what time we must’ve gone home. That made me motion sick, so I switched to checking messages. I see there’s one from my boyfriend, who is completely zonked and snoring away next to me; he’ll sleep for another 6 hours if I let him.

It may not seem much to you, but I read this message and was like YES! HE’S A KEEPER!


The message goes like this:



Morning babe, you’re super drunk and fast asleep and I know you’ll be awake way before me and you won’t be feeling up to a trip downstairs. I’ve left the pizza at the end of the bed for you to snack on when you wake up. I got your favourite! Hope you had a good night, love you.



I’m surprised and a little ashamed that I was clearly too drunk to do what I normally do, which is scoff half a pizza in the taxi queue but it doesn’t take away from the thoughtfulness of the gesture.


Firstly, he got me a vegetarian pizza which is an insane sacrifice for an enthusiastic carnivore, and a drunk one at that. Secondly, even in his drunken state, he was thinking about how I would be feeling when I woke up.


Now, I like to think I’m a considerate person but, last night, I was concerned only with getting my head onto a pillow ASAP.

In a long-winded and over-sharing kind of way, I’m trying to say that it’s the nice, small things we do for each other that mean the most.


For anyone reading and wondering what kind of nice, small things I’m on about, just stay right there on the edge of your seat.



Do lovely things, like these:


1. Make a brew. I love to come home from work to find the kettle boiling ready for me. On especially shit days, this is interchangeable with ‘pour them a glass of wine’. But, really, who says “no thanks” to the question: “wanna brew?”


2.Buy a small, thoughtful gift. Not for an occasion, just a random gift to show you take an interest in their life. For example, my boyfriend and I want to travel a lot together, so I bought him a scratch map so that we could mark off our adventures.


3.Make something. Try as I may, I am just not a crafty type. But, something handmade or personalised is always special. Like a scrap book or photo album, like the one in the images for this post. Failing that, there’s always a sock bunny a la Phoebe from Friends.


4. Leave a message. I love sweet texts but, in the old days, we used to write stuff using paper and pens. My boyfriend used to work night shifts, and I knew I wouldn’t see him before I left for work, so I made the bed look all cosy for him and left a nice note on the pillow. This is also a great passive-aggressive way to let someone know you’re mad at them, but that’s not really the tone I’m going for.


5. Say it with food. I know everyone says emotional eating is bad but I have to disagree. It’s delicious. Nothing cheers me up like the suggestion of just having mashed potato for tea, or being presented with takeaway options, after a “this is the worst day” text on my lunch break. Take those hints.


6. Impromptu date night. Whatever that looks like to you. Cocktails, mountain biking, reviewing your joint coin collection, whatever. It’s a great feeling when someone makes effort to plan an activity you’ll enjoy.



Being generally considerate and a nice person is probably a safe strategy for a successful relationship. But, especially in longer term relationships, we can forget to remind the other person what they mean to us.

Small acts of kindness show that you care, don’t take them for granted, and listen to what they need.



What is the most thoughtful thing you’ve ever done for someone? Or that someone has done for you?

Don’t worry if it’s not quite cold pizza at the end of the bed. We can’t all be living like a rom com. Hope you’re all feeling loved up now. Go forth and be lovely.

6 easy, cheap, simple and thoughtful things you can do to show your partner you care #relationships

6 easy, cheap, simple and thoughtful things you can do to show your partner you care #relationships


  • Peta

    Oh my goodness North what a thoughtful partner you have! I “aaaawwwwed” out loud. I’m all about little random acts of kindness and love as they not only make the person in question happy, they always put a smile on my face too!

    Last December I made my other half an advent calendar, there were 25 little gifts inside, each with a number, a chocolate or sweet, a reason why I love him and a little gift. There were cinema tickets, boat trip voucher, socks, even a personalised handmade monopoly!!

    At the moment we live in seperate countries so each time we see each other we hide a little note somewhere for the other one to find once we’ve gone. I have a box full of letters, words with so many memories and it’s the most special thing I have.

    There’s nothing quite like a hand written note. I also sometimes send him his favourite sweets by post.

    Peta xx

    July 19, 2017 at 16:22 Reply
    • North

      Aww Peta thank you! I totally agree, sometimes we can get a bit caught up in what makes *us* happy but one of the best ways to feel good is to do something nice for someone else and see the smile on their face.

      What an absolutely amazing idea the advent calendar is! I’m definitely stealing that for this year! It must’ve been so nice for him to receive all those little gifts, and I bet it really made him feel appreciated and loved.

      Oh my goodness though, it must be pretty hard to live in separate countries – I bet people say that to you all the time?! But I think that’s adorable that you leave each other little notes and things, and that’s exactly what I would want if I were in the same situation. It’s just such a lovely feeling knowing that someone has spent the time, and put the thought into doing something for you that they think you’ll appreciate.

      Aww reading your comment has got me feeling all lovey and positive ha!

      July 20, 2017 at 10:29 Reply

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