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Dairy Free Diary Part 2: Dairy Free Meals

Posted in Health
on August 24, 2017

See part 1 of my dairy free diary here.


So, part 2. This is where I tell you what I’ve been eating during my ‘dairy intake reduction’ attempt.

Pretty much all of my favourite meals include some kind of dairy. I love to eat granola and yoghurt for breakfast; a comforting bowl of cheesy pasta for lunch; and is there anything better than buttery mash?

I’m very realistic when it comes to my diet, and I know that any kind of ‘cutting out’ diet doesn’t work long term, so I knew that as soon as I took this kind of food that I love off the table, I’d want it more.

So, I needed ideas of comforting, satisfying and healthy food that didn’t include dairy. Normally, in such situations, I would turn to Pinterest. Which I did, but I couldn’t find an awful lot I fancied. So I’ve had to use my actual imagination, like in old times.


I ended up eating things like this every day:

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Dairy Free Diary Part 1: Does Cutting Down on Dairy Help Clear Acne?

Posted in Health
on August 20, 2017

You may have seen my last post, which was a recipe for my favourite overnight oats, and noticed that it was a dairy free recipe. I recently decided to reduce my dairy intake for 2 weeks because I have a problem with acne, and I wanted to see if it helped clear up my skin.

I was also pretty curious to see if I was capable of giving up cheese for 14 days. Spoiler: I’m not.


I started writing about my decision to cut out dairy, what I ate, and what happened to me during the 2 weeks, but it was ridiculously long, so I’ve split it up into 3 separate posts. Part one is just a short one; an introduction if you like.

Some of you may be wondering about the link between dairy and acne. It wasn’t something I was aware of myself until recently, which is strange because I think I’ve searched every corner of the internet for ways to treat acne.

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