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When and why do we stop encouraging variety?

Posted in Personal
on June 12, 2019
Hobbies. A book lies open with a phone displaying a music player on top connected to headphones.

Whilst at school, we’re told repeatedly to enjoy these, the best days of our lives because, one day, we’ll have to deal with “real life” and it’ll be a shock to the system.

Not to mention that many kids are dealing with very real issues even whilst they’re at school, I don’t think anyone would suggest that “real life” post-school is the same as what we’re used to in our childhood and teenage years. We all know and have experienced just how different the two are and, for lots of us, that difference is jarring for many reasons.

I’ve been thinking an awful lot about one particular reason that school life and adult life feel so different for me, and maybe it’s the same for you too?

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