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21 gift ideas for the awesome feminist in your life

Posted in Products
on November 26, 2017
21 gift ideas for feminist women

Myself and Laura over at Laura Reflected have come up with a bunch of gift ideas we think the awesome, sassy, badass, feminist types would love to receive.


And, tbh, I think we would quite like all of these things.


I may have bought the safari print PJ’s already (20). And I’ve definitely got my eye on the notebooks (14 & 19), and the Frankenstein quote sweater (3).

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6 Awesome Feminist Videos

Posted in Feminism
on September 14, 2017

I love to read other people’s writing, but hearing someone speak is inspiring in a different way.

I don’t need to tell you that societal pressure can be a downer for everyone sometimes. But women, collectively, understand the shame, critique and derogation directed toward them on varying scales, on a daily basis.

And that shit is tiring.

So, sometimes, I want to forget about patriarchal bullshit and feel awesome about being female. Continue reading