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New Zealand travel diary: part 2

Posted in New Zealand, Travel
on August 9, 2018
Mount Eden, Auckland, New Zealand, Volcano

I have to admit, I’ve been awful at noting down what we’ve been up to. So, writing these posts is actually quite difficult. I’m going ahead because I think it’ll be cool to look back on a little travel diary to go with some of my photos. Plus, I know some of you are thinking about heading over to NZ, so I’m hoping these diary posts will be useful to you.

Picking up where my last New Zealand travel diary left off, I haven’t been much further than the places mentioned in that post. We’ve kind of settled in Auckland, because….dun dun dun…we’ve both got jobs here.

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Auckland budget travel guide

Posted in New Zealand, Travel
on May 6, 2018
Auckland budget travel guide. Where to stay, eat, shop and what to do on a budget in Auckland, New Zealand

You may have seen my recent post reflecting on the first few months of travelling New Zealand. I thought I’d go into more depth and create a few travel guides for places we’ve visited.

Auckland seemed a good place to start, as we spent two weeks there before heading off on a South Island road trip. I’m currently staying in Auckland again, so there’ll be lots more to come from this crazy place!


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