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What do you want?

Posted in Wellbeing
on May 13, 2018
What do you want from life?

I read Peta’s post with the same title a couple of weeks ago. It was my #SundayFavourite on Twitter that week because it was just a lovely read, and very relatable. But, the thing is, I’m still thinking about it.

It’s a funny thing because, really, most of the time we’re thinking about what we want. What we want for dinner, which movie we want to see, where we want to go this weekend. I’m a very introspective person and I’m always thinking about what I want from life.


One of the main reasons I quit my job was because it was most definitely what I didn’t want. I got a big sense that I shouldn’t be wasting my very precious time on something that made me so unhappy. Continue reading

What happens when you stop exercising?

Posted in Fitness, Wellbeing
on April 15, 2018
What happens to your body when you stop exercising?

Before I came travelling, I had a pretty good routine when it comes to exercise. I was at the gym for about an hour every week day, just after breakfast, and I was doing really well.

Life is quite unpredictable when travelling, so it makes exercise quite difficult. For someone who was a fairly habitual gym-dweller, not having access to a gym meant that I pretty much just stopped doing intentional exercise.

On most days, I was walking a ton but, now that we’re kind of settled in one place, that’s stopped too.


I know that exercising has a positive effect on my mental and physical health. I shouldn’t have been surprised that I noticed changes in those areas when I stopped exercising.


So, for people wondering if it really makes that much difference if you skip the workout for a few weeks, here’s what happens to you when you stop exercising.


Continue reading

10 Quotes for Feeling Good About the Future

Posted in Self Care, Wellbeing
on September 21, 2017

I love a good quote. This year, I bought a calendar with various positive affirmations on each month which I like to look at every morning. My ‘wise words’ board on Pinterest probably has the most pins on it. I’m planning on getting them all printed and framed to display around the house.

I think the reason I love a good, relatable quote, is that it makes me feel less lost. If there are words that someone has strung together that can so completely describe my current situation or thoughts, then someone else must have gone through something similar and come out of the other side. Does that make sense?

It makes me feel understood on a quiet level, instead of a shouty social media level. I read quotes sometimes and it helps me to accept my own thoughts. I really like quotes that make me feel hopeful and positive. I’ve noticed a lot of people struggling recently with motivation and a lot of “what’s the point?” discussions going on, especially on Twitter. So, I wanted to share my favourite quotes that can help change my mindset whenever I start to feel pessimistic about the future. Continue reading